Club repairs & Modifications 

Re-Gripping Clubs

Re-gripping a club can transform its feel and performance.  We keep a large stock of grips in all colours and sizes’ starting at five pounds each
including the professional fitting.
The repair will usually be turned around in twenty four hours.                                                                                                                             
Grips will normally need replaced every two years or so depending on volume of play or where you store your clubs when they are not in use.
If you are unsure of whether or not your grips need replaced the shop staff will check them and advise without charge.

Re-Spiking Shoes

There are numerous types of fittings and spikes used by the various shoe manufacturers and we carry all of them in stock.

There is no standard charge as they are all supplied to us at various prices.  If you deposit your shoes into the shop for re-spiking they will be ready
for use the following day.  We do not charge for fitting and only charge for the price of the spikes.  Unfortunately during repair it is occasionally not
possible to turn an old spike out, but this normally only happens when replacement has been left too late by the owner of the shoes.

Re-Shafting Clubs

There are so many types of shafts used by the various manufactures these days that it is not possible to keep all potential replacements in stock.
If you have an accident and break a shaft simply bring the “head part” to the shop along with one of your other matching clubs, and we will then
send it back to the manufacturer, after taking the shaft details from the intact club.  There is no standard charge for this type of repair as the
costs of shafts vary tremendously.  
If the head of a club is simply loose normally this can be fixed in our shop with a small charge for the time spent and materials used.

Checking or Changing Loft & Lie Angle of Clubs

We have the equipment for loft and lie checking and adjustment at Nairn Dunbar.  If you own a set of forged irons it is prudent to have a check done
every couple of seasons as the metal is more likely to move than cast steel.  Repeated use can add loft though time and the lie angle can start to flatten.


Custom Fitting Service

If your clubs are not set up properly to suit your game you will not play your best golf.

To book a Custom Fitting session with David Torrance call the shop on 01667 452741 or email your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  The session will take one hour with a charge of forty pounds.  The process will firmly identify your golf equipment requirements.

There are several golf club manufacturers who make clubs to suit all abilities with several models in their range designed to suit high handicappers to mid and low.  It is not the brand that is ultimately important rather, the design of the head, the correct lie angle, the type and flex of shaft, correct lofts, length of shaft and grip type and thickness.  The best strategy on the make- up of your set also needs to be considered to cover all potential yardages.  

Once all the features of the ideal set have been concluded, in the fitting session, you can apply this framework to any brand you wish to meet your budget and preference.
It is possible that we may discover that the set that you have been using is perfect for your game and that a few running repairs are all that is required, and if this is the case, you will at least know that you can’t blame your equipment for poor shots.

I have coached many players who have unfortunately had clubs fitted elsewhere to accommodate an easy to fix flaw in their set up or swing.  I call it “fitting to faults” and I am not a fan of this approach.  Simple changes to your set up or swing can be identified in the fitting session, allowing for the correct club features to be identified and tailored to your best swing.


Stock & Products

As a member of the TGI buying group we are able to source most golfing products at the best prices.

If there are goods that we do not have in stock please ask about price and availability.  In the majority 
of cases we have found that we have been able to match most prices in the UK.


As there are so many manufacturers it is not possible for us to keep stock of all the top brands. The main suppliers that we currently prefer to deal with are Ping, Titleist and Srixon. As all sets we supply are 'Custom Fit' to the player we are armed with all the equipment and component parts to help us find the perfect set for you. 
We have trial clubs that we tape up and can be trialled on the course or range without charge or obligation. If you see any equipment in the shop that you would to try or need further information on please ask a member of staff.  Although we deal mainly with three major brands the fitting systems can be applied to all other brands.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are extremely popular as gifts. 

When you play golf there is always something you need or want.  We supply both General Vouchers for stock or Coaching Vouchers.  To purchase a voucher you can either call in at the shop or we can post a voucher to you, and take payment by cheque or on the phone.

Telephone - 01667 452741

Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.