Competition Results




Saturday 17th + Sunday 18th - Hogg Cup - Week 2

Saturday 10th + Sunday 11th - Hogg Cup Week 1

Wednesday 7th - Gents February Stableford

Sunday 4th - Girls February Medal

Saturday 3rd - Gents February Medal


Tuesday 30th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Sat + Sun 13th + 14h - Gents Jocky Mackintosh Final

Wednesday 10th - Gents January Stableford

Sunday 7th - Girls January Medal

Sunday 7th - Ladies January Stableford

Saturday 6th - Gents January Medal



Tuesday 19th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Wednesday 6th - Gents December Stableford

Saturday 2nd - Gents December Medal


Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th - Gents Jocky Mackintosh Week 5

Saturday 18th + Sunday 19th - Gents Jocky Mackintosh Week 4

Wednesday 8th - Gents November Stableford

Sunday 5th - Ladies November Stableford

Saturday 4th - Gents November Medal


Sat 28th + Sun 29th - Jocky Mackintosh Week 3

Sat 21st + Sun 22nd - Jocky Mackintosh Week 2

Sat 14th + Sun 15th - Jocky Mackintosh Week 1

Monday 9th - Ladies Autumn Medal

Sunday 8th - Autumn Classic Open - Scratch and Autumn Classic Open - Handicap

Saturday 7th - Gents October Medal + Breakthrough Trophy

Wednesday 4th - Gents October Stableford

Sunday 1st - Ladies Sunday Stableford


Saturday 30th - Gents Saturday Stableford

Thursday 28th - 55+ Bertie Ralph Trophy

Sunday 24th - Ladies Breakthrough Medal

Saturday 23rd - Gents Bogey Medal

Wednesday 20th - Ladies Sept Stableford

Tuesday 19th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Sunday 17th - Ladies Stableford

Saturday 16th - Ladies Open Greensomes

Sunday 10th - Ladies Stableford

Saturday 9th - DM Duggie Greensomes

Wednesday 6th - Gents September Stableford

Sunday 3rd - Cancer Relief Open Scratch & Cancer Relief Open Handicap

Saturday 2nd - Gents Medal & Crossroads Cup - HandicapGents Medal & Crossroads Cup - Scratch


Thursday 31st - Senior Open - Stableford & Senior Open - Stableford pt2

Sunday 27th - Ladies Medal

Thursday 24th - 55+ Group - Alastair Clunas Tankard

Tuesday 22nd - Gents Tuesday Medal

Monday 21st - Ladies Stableford

Sunday 20th - Mixed Open page1 & Mixed Open pt2 & Mixed Open pt3

Wednesday 9th - Ladies Stableford

Wednesday 9th - Gents August Stableford

Monday 7th - Ladies Medal

Saturday 5th - Gents August Medal

Saturday 5th - Lady Captain & Vice Captain Stableford


Saturday 22nd - Gents Brown Cup

Friday 21st - Junior Open Scratch + Junior Open Handicap

Friday 21st - Junior Open Girls

Thursday 20th - 55+ Harry Diamond Trophy

Wednesday 19th - Lady Veterans Trophy Medal

Tuesday 18th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Monday 17th - Annie Barron Rosebowl

Saturday 15th - 3 Lady Team Open

Wednesday 12th - Ladies Stableford

Saturday 8th - Gents - July Medal OOM4 & Gents - Peter McGillivary Trophy

Wednesday 5th - Gents July Stableford

Wednesday 5th - Ladies Melva Gordon Medal

Sunday 2nd - King Trophy Open - Scratch & King Trophy Open - Handicap Division 1 & King Trophy Open - Handicap Division 2

Saturday 1st - Gents Ogg Cup & Gents Bob McIntosh Memorial Trophy


Wednesday 28th - Ladies Lena Hay Stableford

Monday 26th - Ladies 2 Ball Foursomes Quaich

Club Championships

Club Championships Gents Scratch + Club Championships Gents Low Handicap + Club Championships Gents High Handicap

Club Championships Ladies Scratch + Club Championships Ladies Handicap

Club Championships Junior Boys Scratch + Club Championships Junior Boys Handicap + Club Championships Junior Girls

Tuesday 13th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Monday 12th - Ladies Golf Foundation Medal

Saturday 10th - Nairn County Championship

Wednesday 7th - Gents June Stableford

Sunday 4th - Ladies Open Scratch + Ladies Open Silver + Ladies Open Bronze

Thursday 1st - McCann Trophy (Seniors)


Saturday 27th - Gents Laird Salver & Gents RNLI Medal

Monday 22nd + Wednesday 24th - Ladies King Trophy

Tuesday 23rd - Gents Tuesday Medal

Sunday 21st - W J Gordon Shield & McDermott Rosebowl

Wednesday 17th - Ladies Moulaidh Trophy

Wednesday 10th - Gents May Stableford

Wednesday 10th - Ladies SLGA Badge

Sunday 7th - Ladies May Stableford & Ladies Committee Cup

Saturday 6th - Gents May Medal - Handicap & Gents May Medal - Scratch

Wednesday 3rd - Ladies May Medal


Saturday 29th - Captain Prize Medal & Vice Captain Prize Medal

Wednesday 19th - Lady Dunbar Cup

Tuesday 18th - Gents Tuesday Medal

Thursday 13th - Senior Spring Open - Winners & Senior Spring Open - Full List

Sunday 9th - Gents 4 Man Team - Scratch Winners & Gents 4 Man Team - Handicap Winners

Sunday 9th - Gents 4 Man Team Full List

Saturday 8th - Neil Howitt Memorial Trophy - Handicap - 11-21

Saturday 8th - Neil Howitt Memorial Trophy - Handicap - 0-10

Saturday 8th - Neil Howitt Memorial Trophy - Scratch

Wednesday 5th - Ladies April Stableford

Wednesday 5th - Gents April Stableford

Sunday 2nd - Jocky Mackintosh Final

Saturday 1st - Gents April Medal - Order of Merit 1 - Handicap

Saturday 1st - Gents April Medal - Order of Merit 1 - Scratch


Tuesday 21st - Gents Tuesday Medal

Wednesday 8th - Gents March Stableford

Sunday 5th - Ladies March Stableford

Saturday 4th - Gents March Medal


Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th - Winter_League - Hogg Cup - Week 5

Tuesday 21st - Tuesday Medal

Saturday 18th + Sunday 19th - Winter League - Hogg Cup - Week 4

Saturday 11th + Sunday 12th - Winter League - Hogg Trophy - Week 3

Wednesday 8th - Gents February Stableford

Sunday 5th - Ladies February Stableford

Saturday 4th - Gents February Medal - Scratch and Gents February Medal - Handicap


Tuesday 24th - Gents Tuesday Medal - Scratch

Tuesday 24th - Gents Tuesday Medal - Handicap

Saturday 21st + Sunday 22nd - Winter League - Hogg Trophy - Week 2

Sunday 8th - January Medal - Juniors

Sunday 8th - Ladies January Stableford

Saturday 7th - January Medal - Juniors

Saturday 7th - Gents January Medal - Handicap

Saturday 7th - Gents January Medal - Scratch




Saturday 17th - Christmas Cracker

Sunday 4th - Gents December Medal

Saturday 3rd - Boys December Medal


Saturday 26th + Sunday 27th - Jocky MacKintosh Week 5

Saturday 19th - Jocky MacKintosh Week 4

Wednesday 9th - Gents November Stableford

Sunday 6th - Girls November Medal

Sunday 6th - November Stableford Ladies

Saturday 5th - Boys November Medal

Saturday 5th - November Medal Scratch and November Medal Handicap


Sunday 30th - Clark Cup (Girls)

Saturday 29th + Sunday 30th - Jocky MacKintosh Week 3

Saturday 22nd + Sunday 23rd - Jocky MacKintosh Week 2

Tuesday 18th - October Tuesday Medal

Sunday 16th - Ladies October Stableford

Saturday 15th + Sunday 16th - Jocky MacKintosh Week 1

Sunday 9th - Autumn Classic Open Scratch Section and Autumn Classic Open Handicap Section

Saturday 1st - Boys October Medal

Saturday 1st - October Medal

Satruday 1st - Breakthrough Trophy



Sunday 25th - Ladies Medal & LGU Breakthrough Broach

Saturday 24th - Bogey Medal

Thursday 22nd - Alastair Clunas Tankard

Tuesday 20th - Tuesday Medal (Gents)

Sunday 11th - Boys Junior Medal and Girls Junior Medal

Saturday 10th - Ladies Greensomes (Stableford)

Wednesday 7th - Gents September Stableford

Wednesday 7th - Ladies Stableford

Sunday 4th - Cancer Relief Open Scratch and Cancer Relief Open Handicap

Saturday 3rd - September Medal Scratch(Gents) and September Medal Handicap(Gents)


Wednesday 31st - Ladies Medal

Sunday 28th - Mixed Open 2016

Tuesday 23rd - Tuesday Medal Scratch and Tuesday Medal Handicap

Sunday 21st - Ladies Stableford

Sunday 21st - Boys and Girls August Medal

Sunday 14th - Ladies Stableford

Saturday 13th - McRobert Thistle

Wednesday 10th - August Stableford (Gents)

Monday 8th - Lady Veterans Trophy and Medal

Saturday 6th - Captain and Vice Captain Prizes (Ladies)

Saturday 6th - August Medal (Order of Merit 5)


Friday 29th -  Junior Open Scratch and Junior Open Handicap and Junior Open (Girls)

Wednesday 27th - Summer Medal (Ladies)

Monday 25th - Ladies Extra Medal

Saturday 23rd - Brown Cup

Thursday 21st - Harry Diamond Trophy

Tuesday 19th - Mens Tuesday Medal

Monday 18th - Annie Barron Rosebowl

Sunday 17th - Boys Medal and Girls Medal

Thursday 14th - W J Gordon (Boys) and Lucy Trophy (Girls)

Wednesday 13th - July Stableford (Ladies)

Saturday 9th - Ogg Cup and Bob McIntosh Trophy (Gents)

Wednesday 6th - July Stableford (Gents)



Thursday 30th - Bertie Ralph Trophy (Senior Gents)

Tuesday 14th - Tuesday Medal (Gents)

Sunday 12th - June Medal (Boys) - White and Blue Tees

Saturday 11th - County Championship (Gents) - Info details

Thursday 9th - Heath Shield and Grant Cup - Blue and White Tees (Boys) and Victor Shield (Girls)

Wednesday 8th - Lena Hay Stableford (Ladies)

Wednesday 8th - June Stableford (Gents)

Saturday 4th - June Medal (OOM3) and Belhaven Qualifier (Gents)

Thursday 2nd - McCann Trophy (Senior Gents)



Saturday 28th - RNLI Medal and Laird Salver (Gents)

Thursday 26th - Urquhart Cup - White and Blue Tees (Boys) and Fletcher Cup (Girls)

Wednesday 25th - Golf Foundation and 2 Ball Foursome Quaich (Ladies)

Tuesday 24th - Tuesday Medal (Gents)

Wednesday 18th - Moulaidh Trophy (Ladies)

Monday 16th - D M Ellen Family Foursomes

Sunday 15th – Junior Medal (Boys) – White and Blue Tees

Wednesday 11th – SLGA Badge (Ladies)

Wednesday 11th – May Stableford (Gents)

Tuesday 10th – Old Crocks (Senior Gents)

Sunday 8th – May Stableford (Ladies) and Committee Cup (Ladies)


SGU Central Database of Handicaps (CDH)


On-line handicap tracking as part of our Centralised Database of Handicaps (CDH). Almost 500 affiliated clubs across the country are uploaded to the system, aimed at providing a wide and vitally important range of benefits to golf club members, affiliated golf clubs and handicapping administrators.

Benefits of the CDH include:

  • access your handicap information online and update your Golfer’s Profile
  • view exact and playing handicap and confirm when handicap last updated on CDH
  • no need to return away score information to your ‘home’ club (provided the clubs concerned are participating
  • downloadable handicap certificate
  • full annual playing record readily available to all players
  • opt in to receive SGU/SLGA e-communications featuring special offers, preferential green fees and other additional golf club member benefits.